Harry H. Flauaus Family Album

Harry and Edna on their Wedding Day

Children of Harry and Edna

Harry Elbert Flauaus September 08, 1924
Harold George Flauaus December 20, 1926 to January 10, 1981
Ila Maria Flauaus February 07, 1931 to March 08, 1997


Harry Flauaus and Edna Zetsche (r)
Wedding Day - circa 1923
Elisabeth Flauaus and Elbert Zetsche

Elisabeth is Harry's sister.
Elbert is Edna's brother.

Harry and Edna were married shorly after WW I, where Harry served as an electrician in the US Navy. After they married, they moved to St. Louis. Upon retirement in the 1970s they moved back to Okawville where they spend the rest of their lives.