Flauaus Family History
1600 - 1997

by Ronald C. Flauaus

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I welcome any kind (kind or unkind) input concerning this site. Feel free to contribute or criticize. I would really appreciate content contributions. I would like each Flauaus family to have their own Photo Album and stories about their branch of the family included on this site . Please contact me and/or send materials and I will get it on the net.

I want to make this the best family history site on the web ... but I need your help with materials and ideas.

It's a great family ... so let's memorialize it for current and future generations.

Special thanks to the many relatives and friends who have helped me with the family history ...

Mildred Sommer Smith St. Louis, Mo She has been a constant source of inspiration and has contributed 'tons' of information regarding the family, especially for the Sommer and Rosenburger lines.
Elisabeth Flauaus Hahnlein, Germany She has researched what I have recorded here about our German ancestors.
Donna Lynn Flauaus Eaton Fairfax, Va. She has found many of the original documents and other material for this page.
Bob Flauaus Levy St, Louis, Mo. He has supplied many of the original documents and pictures for this site.
Altrus Flauaus Hill Boulder, Co. She has given me insight to the George Flauaus (1841-1907) branch of the family.
Berdel Flauaus Leuthan St. Louis, Mo. She has helped with the Martin Flauaus branch of the family and her great knowledge
of family history and folklore.
Wolfgang Loester Germany He made the major discovery of where Jakob Flauaus was born (Hahnlein, Germany in 1762) which enabled Flauaus research to extend back to the 1600s.