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This section contains the all Flauaus family members along with their spouses and children who are included in my research. There are 13 generations of family members dating from the early 1600s until the present day. To view any one of the family generations, just click on the desired year link and your browser will take you to the appropriate web page. Once you are viewing the selected generation, you can proceed to the next generation by clicking on the "next page" option or go to an earlier generation by clicking on the "previous page" option.

Please note that the research includes a present day German Flauaus family along with their ancestors to which we are all related through Johann Jacob Flauaus (1725-1783). Johann's family entry can be found by clicking on the fourth generation and then following his descendants right along with ours. Johann Jacob and his wife, Maria Lamprecht had two sons, Georg Daniel and Jakob. All the Flauaus's in America are descended from Jakob. It was Jakob's, son Johannes, who came to America with his family in 1841 and settled in Ashley, Illinois. Georg Daniel and his descendents remained in German. Today, many of Georg Daniel's descendents live south of Frankfurt in the same area where Georg Daniel lived in the mid 1700s.

Once such family, Elisabeth and Kurt Flauaus, currently live in the town Hahnlein. Elisabeth works for Deutsche Telecom and Kurt is employed with the German post office. Elisabeth is also a Flauaus family research enthusiast. She has done some excellent research about the family in Germany. She has provided me with all the information about our family from the early 1600s to the mid-1700s. Without her help, I would not have been able to research the family much past the late 1790s. The American Flauaus family starts to appear in the 6th generation. The first all American born Flauaus generation is the 7th generation.

Flauaus Family Member Reference Table

St. Andreas

St. Andreas in Lampertheim, Germany

Baptismal place of Johaness and Philip Flauaus in 1792 and 1817 respectively.

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The Flauaus family lived in Lampertheim from approximately 1789 until 1841.

In 1841 they left for America.





2 1660s
3 1690s
4 1720s
5 1760s
6 1790s
7 1810s
8 1840s
9 1860s
10 1900s
11 1930s
12 1950s
13 Present

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