Coming to America ... 

The family came to America in 1841. They left the small German town of Lampertheim and settled in the Illinois town of Ashley. Lampertheim is situated close to the Rhein River about 30 miles south of Frankfurt am Main in the German state of Hesse.

Entries from the 1841 Lampertheim Immigration Register for the Flauaus Familly

Lampertheim Immigration Register

The two entries above are for Johann and Phillip. It states that they are immigrating from the town of
Lampertheim to America . Accompaning Johann is his wife and two children (Adam and Barbara).
Although Philip is Johann's son, he is listed separately since at the time he was an adult of 24 years.

Their religion is Catholic. Their occupation is "Taglohner". This is a German term for farm workers
who were hired on a daily basis. Johann and Philip left Germany with 1200 and 500 Guldens in money

Further on in the resister, they stated they left Germany to "seek their furtune in America".

I have been unable to find their exact route to America but all indications are that they left from the French port of Le Harve and arrived by ship in the town of Richmond, Virginia via the James River. They left Germany as a family. The father, Johann Flauaus and his second wife Anna Marie (nee Eberle) who was pregnant at the time with George traveled with their infant son Adam and Johannes's two grown children Philip and Barbara. Johannes is buried in the IOOF cemetery in Ashley. His tombstone is totally inscribed in German

Once in America they made their way to Illinois where they settled in the small farming community of Ashley.

Visit Germany now !

Be sure to visit the city of Darmstadt (the family came from this area) ...

Philip Flauaus ....

Johannes's son Philip was the first Flauaus family member to marry in the new world. He married Elisabeth Rosenburger Reiman, a young widow with one son, named John Reiman. Philip and his wife Elisabeth, shown below, married sometime between his arrival in America in 1841 and the birth of their first child (Elisabeth) in March of 1843. The place of Philip and Elisabeth's wedding has not been discovered, nor where or how they meet. It remains a challenge for future research. Philip and his wife are buried in the St. Barbara's Cemetery on the outskirts of Okawville, Illinois.

Elisabeth and Phillip Flauaus

Elisabeth and Philip Flauaus circa 1860s

Elisabeth Rosenberger arrived in America in 1837 with her father in Richmond, Virginia. She shortly married a fellow named Reiman, presumably somewhere in Virginia. She gave birth to her first child, John Reiman sometime during 1838. Between 1838 and sometime in 1842, she was widowed and subsequently courted and married Philip. Most Flauaus's in America are descended from Elisabeth and Philip.


The Family Farm ...

Around 1854 Philip bought his first piece of land. It was 40 acres of farm land in Plum Hill Township of Washington County Illinois. This was the first 40 acres of land which would eventually become over 400 acres of family owned farm land. The farm was in the family for about 100 years. Its ownership passed to Philip's son George Flauaus and then to George's children. It was occupied continuously by the Flauaus family until about 1945 when it was sold at auction with the proceeds being inherited by George's children. The last Flauaus to live on the farm was George Flauaus, Jr. He raised his three children here, Harry, Helen and Elisabeth.

Pictured below is the farm house with George and Elisabeth Sommer Flauaus and their 10 children. The picture was taken on George and Elisabeth's 25th wedding anniversary in 1897.

Flauaus Family Farm

Elisabeth and George Flauaus, Sr. and Family in 1897

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